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This was the best firm-sponsored workshop I've been to in a long while. Rachael was a fabulous presenter. Her delivery was very smooth, entertaining, and chock full of tidbits and connections to aid in attendee learning. Rachael was clearly proficient in the content area (cognitive development to aid in team leadership), and she knew how to apply it to our work. Rachael also knew how to engage with attendees, including attendees in other offices through the video link. 

-Senior Associate, Vinson & Elkins LLP



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What's holding your team back? Is it a lack of availability? Do you need a specific skill-set? Is the commitment of adding another employee too much right now? By working with Fringe consulting, clients gain access to our experience in multiple areas including: Social Media Strategy, Learning Frameworks, Performance (process & mgmt.), Creative Team Building, Organizational Communications and more.


How we work

A customized approach to solving your challenges is what sets us apart. Before beginning work on any project, we sit down with you to assess the goals you have either as an individual or on an organizational level. Using these targets we deliver programming that not only utilizes our expertise in learning and development, but gives you the ability to reach your goals. We use assessments before and after our work with clients so that you have clear and measurable metrics to quantify progress.

Customization doesn't stop with the delivery of work; we can provide access to secure web content, online scheduling, and face to face meetings via our online meeting provider so that we meet you where you are. At Fringe PD, we hone in on the needs of your group so that you get the most out of your investment.



All information gathered through coaching, consulting, or program development is strictly confidential. Fringe PD does not share any proprietary or personal information without express and defined consent from its clients. We take great measures to ensure that individuals and organizations are protected throughout and after our working relationship. 



Fringe PD puts great efforts into producing high quality, innovative work. Thus, we are diligent in maintaining the intellectual property interests of the company. The presentations, outlines, coaching programs, coaching exercises, instructions, or other materials provided at any time are Fringe' PDs copyrighted property.


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