Welcome to 2019, friends! I hope you had a chance to celebrate and recharge the past few weeks — the year ahead is bound to be as busy as ever. If you’re like me, you’ve already set out to conquer your New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately,  the odds are that all but 8 percent of us will fail. The good news is that Fringe PD has a tool for precisely this scenario, a tool that works because it helps you communicate better with your No. 1 “trouble” audience: yourself.

Top book and blog suggestions for your holiday down time. The year was, let’s face it, faster and furious(er) than many of us were ready for. The world around us seems to be changing at a frighteningly quick pace and everyone I know is just trying to keep up. All the while, Fringe PD has been growing and changing as well.

Before you sit down to write this year’s self-assessment, peer review, or employee evaluation, it’s worth taking some time to consider the impact that performance reviews have on a person’s career trajectory. While you’re at it, pay special attention to where bias might emerge and, more important, where it can be interrupted.

When messages get mixed at work, the consequences can range from mild annoyance with a colleague to a botched deal for a new client. Beyond the business consequences, think about all the energy and time we waste trying to figure out how other people work.