Communications Focused - Research Based

We know that every company is different. That is why our workshop development process allows us to create programs that are designed to fit you and your organization. Choose from one of the semi-custom programs below, or contact us to create a fully custom program for your team!

Your team, Your clients, Yourself


  • Gain insight into working productively with different communication styles
  • Increase self-awareness of and role of empathy with colleagues
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  • Presentation skills for the office
  • Build a presentation/communication design for your team
  • Obstacles to compelling presentations
feedback header.png
  • Explore the science of insight and how to cultivate it with others
  • Build skills for giving and receiving meaningful feedback
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  • Gain insight into the neuroscience of successful communications
  • Understand the impact of thoughtful messaging on business development
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  • Understand the impact of mentoring on career trajectory
  • Explore the different dimensions of mentoring - sponsorship - and coaching
  • Understand the theory behind cognitive self-awareness
  • Increase self-awareness of personal style for management of others
  • Learn to identify productive communications
  • How to best deliver difficult news
  • Understand the neuroscience behind communications
  • Managing up and understanding generational stereotype
gender bdev.png
  • Understand and manage gendered perceptions in  through research and data
  • Develop and rehearse personal brand positioning statement 
  • Create an organizational system for successful business development
building relationships (1).png
  • Explore the science of trust and how to build it with colleagues
  • Expand knowledge of self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Practice engaging in learning conversations for greater impact