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Open Positions

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Fringe PD is seeking a freelance Data Analyst/Technical Writer to perform a high-level data analysis of DiSC Individual Assessments and Team Assessments, 360-feedback (for client coaching), and other projects as needed. This is a part-time, contract position. Projects will come on an ad hoc basis and there may be gaps within project flow as data analysis is required on a case-by-case client-need basis.

Candidates must provide client-deliverable level analysis/reports. The analysis must clearly outline the interpretation of data in a way that our clients can understand and digest. These tools will be used to help our clients develop confident self-awareness, learn to identify the communication styles of others, and provide tools for clients to modify their behavior. Candidates should also provide a brief executive summary that outlines key findings in the report for use by our facilitators.

Candidates with a demonstrated background in organizational learning and sciences or data analysis preferred. Strong writing skills are required. Candidates must be able to communicate availability and be flexible with the aforementioned ad hoc project assignment schedule.